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Financiers -Earl Grey


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Pelynoobakes Earl Grey financiers are a delightful variation of the traditional French almond cake known as financiers. They are infused with the delicate flavor of Premium Earl Grey tea, adding a unique twist to this classic treat. Here’s a typical description of Earl Grey financiers:

Appearance: Earl Grey financiers typically have a golden-brown exterior with slightly crisp edges and a soft, moist interior. They are often baked in small, rectangular molds, resulting in petite, bite-sized cakes.

Texture: The texture of Earl Grey financiers is dense yet tender, with a moist crumb that melts in your mouth. They may have a slightly crunchy exterior due to the caramelization of the edges.

Flavor: Earl Grey financiers are characterized by the distinct flavor of Earl Grey tea, which infuses the cakes with floral and citrus notes. The combination of buttery almond flavor and the bergamot essence of Earl Grey tea creates a harmonious and sophisticated taste profile.

Ingredients: The main ingredients include almond flour, sugar, egg whites, butter, and Earl Grey tea leaves

Serving: Earl Grey financiers are often served as a sweet indulgence alongside tea or coffee. They make elegant petit fours for afternoon tea or can be enjoyed as a light dessert on their own. These delicacies are perfect for special occasions or as a sophisticated treat any time of day.

Quantity: 8 Individually Wrapped Financiers

Shelf Life: 3 Days

Reheat Instructions: Oven/Air Fryer for 160° for 5mins

  • Muslim Friendly
  • Contain eggs
  • Does not contain pork/lard
  • Not made in a Halal kitchen
  • Best eaten within 3 days
  • Each pack contains 8 individually packed Financiers
  • Should you need any additional paper bags for individual gifting please add to cart before checking out.
  • Additional paper bags are $1 each.
  • Pelynoobakes Gift Cards are available upon request. Do indicate on “notes” section for gift cards if needed.
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